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We stay active on facebook. There you can see and find all our latest adventures, tips and tricks. Our first publication began in 1999 in Iceland. It is a comprehensive book about Iceland. Now we have an international brand that is expanding. We want you to be a part of our travels.

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Some of our projects

Our VisitorsGuide websites

We have branded visitorsguide websites in over 20 countries. See sample of our sites below.

Our restaurant websites

Still to date the most popular restaurant website in Iceland. With over 15.000 facebook friends. There is a icelandic and english version of the site.

The Icelandic book

Sold in 2016 to an Icelandic company. The travel book is one of the most popular travel books in iceland and provides a comprehensive guide on what to do and explore in Iceland.

Visitors Guide

The Visitorsguide travel books and website were estabablished in Iceland in 1998. We are looking for partners abroad to run our comprehensive business model with a travel book, website and more.

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Become a partner

Would you like to be part of the VisitorsGuide family?

If you are interested in becoming a Visitorsguide partner (rebrand) in your country or city send us an email. We help you get started at your location. We are looking for dedicated individuals and companies to make our personalized travel guides, tips and tricks reach the world!

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